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MODX Revolution Data Backup Extra

Databackup is a simple extra (snippet) for MODX Revolution that will backup your MySQL database as one sql dump and then each table as a SQL dump. So if you had a custom extra that failed you can easily restore one or more tables that have been messed up. You can also back up all of you MySQL DBs with this script.

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Uploading Images in MODX Revolution

In MODX 2.2 Media Sources were introduced.  It is a nice added feature that adds a lot of functionality at our finger tips.  This post will explain how to use them from a content editors point of view.

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Posting Videos in MODX Revolution

In this tutorial learn how to post videos from a Content Editors point of view.

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Building a modern and complex website, the easy way, with MODX Revolution is a book intended to be for those that have at least a basic understanding of HTML/CSS and are beginners to MODX and/or to a CMS product.

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